Shots Fired ! ILL Mind of Hopsin 8; Hopsin leaves Funk Volume


First Odd Future, now Funk Volume. Every teenage fanboy must be in a crazed hysteria right now. The only difference with Odd Future is that there was never a legitimate beef between any of OF’s members or management. Well, that’s unless you’re talking about literally the shortest rap beef ever between Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats, that ended with an awkward yet typical OF video.

Funk Volume, however, handled their drama a little differently. Hopsin tweeted earlier this year that there have been some tension between him and Funk Volume co-founder Dame Ritter. He bashed him numerous of times and threatened to leave the group unless Ritter leaves.



This leads us to one of the best diss records i’ve heard in a while, ILL Mind Of Hopsin 8. In true ILL Mind fashion, Hopsin holds nothing back, giving Ritter hell and detailing to his fans what caused his sudden leave. Like anything else in the world, the problems occurred because of money. Hopsin at one point of the song says “You on that same bullshit Tomika brought”, referencing his complications with Eazy’s wife, Tomica Wright, while his time at Ruthless Records. He also calls him a “New age Jerry Heller” (NWA’s manager who stole money from their label Ruthless Records) Watch Hopsin tell it all in this recent interview.

The hashtag on that Facebook post above says it all… Undercover Prodigy, the new label Hopsin is starting. The Funk Volume era, starting in 09′, seems to be over. Hopsin is leaving and shortly after this announcement in January, Jarren Benton says he is leaving FV for Styles P’s No Limit Records. What does the future store for Funk Volume? What is going to happen with Dizzy Wright? What is Hopsin’s relationship going to be with close friend, labelmate, and brother of Ritter, SwizZz? We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime we’ll just have to enjoy ILL Mind of Hopsin 8.


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