Shots Fired! Joey Bada$$ takes jabs at Troy Ave.


Now, I’m usually not the one to go for gossip but I must admit, i’m a sucker for rap beefs. So, excuse the recent posts about good ole’ fashion drama.

New York rappers Troy Ave and Joey Bada$$ have gone at it for a while now. It’s only now where things seem to be picking up a bit. The situation all started last summer when Joey took to his twitter account to claim his status of being the “#1 Independent Hip Hop artist/brand in the world”, and showed the numbers to prove it.joey-badass-troy-ave-twitter-beef-1.png

Mind you, this was right after Troy Ave (also an independent artist) has been criticized and mocked for the amount of albums he sold his first week (approximately 4,500 copies). I, as well as pretty much everybody else on the planet, didn’t think Joey was taking shots at Troy Ave but in typical overly-sensitive rapper fashion, Troy didn’t take to kindly his words…


Some tension has spawned between the two rappers since then. Joey recently this year put out a song called Ready where the first official shot (in song) was taken,  Bad$$ said

60K first week for the Badass. 200 K till this day i know you niggas mad. With the 80/20 split my nigga do the math. My nigga Kirk Knight just outsold Troy Ave.

Troy responded with the controversial Badass, where he took shots at deceased Pro Era rapper Capital Steez. Now, I barely ever put my two cents in this blog when dealing with these type of beefs but this was way too disrespectful to not do so. I show zero respect for someone who says:

Don’t get suicidal like ya friend, here’s a casket
Steez burning in Hell, my burner’s in my belt
I’m really killing shit, you niggas killing yourself
Fucking weirdos, off the roof, “Steer clear yo!”
This niggas tryna fly, he think he a superhero
Splat man! Fuck you and that man

He is so inconsiderate for taking shots at someone who was rumored to have schizophrenia before taking his own life. And especially for someone who has inspired and opened the eyes of so many with his music. Troy Ave explains, and makes himself look like even more of a dirtbag, on Sway in the Morning, calling Steez “a Bozo and dickhead”. Also, “I got friends that’s killing shit, he got friends that killing themselves” -.- really??

On behalf of Steelo and Pro era fans worldwide. Thank you Joey.

Fav line:

“Talking on the God like we gonna let it slide, when he did more dead than you could ever do alive”.


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