New Songs! “Dark Necessities” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Radiohead and Blink 182 Drop Another One

What a week for rock music it had been! I’ve written about Blink 182 and Radiohead already, but now the Red Hot Chili Peppers release something for their fans to slobber over.

Chili Peppers:


Their album “The Gateway”, coming out June 17th, is their second album without their legendary guitarist John Frusciante (which we, as fans, miss dearly) and featuring new guitarist John Adam Klinghoffer .

This song is pretty good. The bassline, to me, though, sounds a bit too much like “Can’t Stop”. That tends to happen with artist sometimes though. And Flea is still boss. It was reported that he broke his arm in a terrible snowboarding accident, yet they all still managed to finish songs for the album.

What adds a pretty different dynamic is the piano in this song. I barely ever hear piano in the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ music. So the addition of those background piano chords worked pretty well in this song.

Blink 182:


Now, Blink probably dropped the sussest teaser of all time. They released a  vine-lengthy 15 sec clips where Mark Hoppus says

” I wanna see some naked duuuuuuudes, that’s why I built this poooooooool”


I like how it shows that Blink 182’s “immaturity” is still there though. Their playfulness is definitely something I missed from them. Waiting for “California” to be released.



Radiohead is one of those legendary groups that never cease to amaze me. Their experimental approaches like the ones I talked about in “Burn The Witch“, blow my mind.

3 days after releasing Burn the Witch they oddly released “Daydreaming”. The piano, electronic work in the background, and Thom’s voice all add their own dynamic but come together as a hauntingly beautiful song, different from Burn The Witch. Burn the Witch’s violins were upbeat and happy but the song carried a very creepy vibe. There’s something about Daydreaming though that seems relaxing and reflective.

The Music video is pretty interesting. It shows Thom Yorke with a ghost like presence  going through various sceneries, from a random house to a snowy mountain,  all of which intertwine with each other. This video was released in perfect timing considering that their album, “A Moon Shaped Pool” was digitally released yesterday. My ears are definitely on the lookout, not only for this album, but for Blink’s and the Chili Peppers’. Long live rock music.



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