Album Release: Schwang Season 2

MusicForTheSoul_Schawng Season-2.jpeg

Mike Mitch is back at it again. This time he joins comedian (and co-administrator) of Limitless Inc., Stef Skillz. In Mitch’s last project, Intoxicated Enlightenment, I talked about Mitch’s great sense of songwriting in pushing a story/concept forward. He continues that in this project and adds the comedic touch of Stef Skillz to counter his witty wordplay. Or as Stef says on “Perfect Poetry (Say it)”,

You hit niggas with this fucking elaborate-ass poem with hyperboles sand similes and metaphors and stuff. That’s not you. And then after it, you get about 5-6 text messages oh my God Mike that was so oh, oo i’m so drenched. Bitch shut up. Text ma phone! Fuck Mike… This funny shit is art…matter fact, I’m starting a new campaign it’s called fuck a funny nigga…and if your friend is a lil overweight or on the plus side it’s called fuck a funny fat nigga.


lmao, funny stuff. Through all of the misleading John Cena’s and awesome skits, the comedy served it’s purpose in going head-to-head in interest with the bars. Songs like “Eye-A-Hoe (Paradise)” were drenched in all bars, while Stef gets his time to shine in the hilarious, and relatable, “Story time With Stef (Interlude)”.

I don’t even know which, of either world, to pick as my favorite. But I think “Shoot Your Shot” claims that title for me (both the song and the little comedy skit at the end). The beat was incredible and fit the content very well. Mitch  at the end spits, in my personal opinion, one of the best verses I’ve heard all year from any artist. And the skit at the end had me rollin the most; really brought back some middle school nostalgia there.

I promise you it will not disappoint. Check out Schwang Season 2 on

And while your at it, support the movement! Get your “Schwang World Order (S.W.O)” T-shirts while you still can at!shop/qwlk3

They even got your boy rockin it… Looking quite handsome, if I may add.






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