5am (Spoken Word Version)

Check out the spoken word version of my song 5am.

Took out the guitar part and just delivered it a bit slower to make sure everyone gets each line. Kinda similar to my Room in Here video a couple months back. I pride myself on being a poet with these lyrics translated through melody and bars so, it’s great to see the words slowed down with no music… Gets people listening more…

Check for yourselves:



Room in Here (Poem)


Whats goodie yall. It’s been a minute. Instead of boring you guys with the reasons of my recent hiatus, I thought I’d break the ice with something really important to me.

Last year me and some lads covered one of the dopest songs ever from one of the dopest artists ever. I’m of course talking about Anderson Paak and his record “Room in Here”.  We performed it live at a bar/music venue on the Upper West Side called Prohibition. My boy Shane (IG: @shanezenmusic) was on the guitar and my bestie Robin (IG: @funkmogul_) was rocking the vocals. Check out this snippet if interested… and this one too.

Aside from playing keys, I had a verse at the end. Knowing how The Game bodied his verse in Paak’s song, I knew I had to come correct. Which is what brings me here today. This wonderful video. Standing as one of my best/favorite prose I’ve ever written, this hip hop verse is delivered in spoken-word style, paying tribute to it’s poetic lines. While writing, I knew I had to spit BARS but still deliver metaphorical poetic lines, sprinkled with wit/charm to fully accomplish the goal (which I personally feel like I did).

At the end of the video, you’ll notice me promoting two awesome events that I have planned. First up Art Saves Mother Earth. I’ve recently joined a group called A New Black Arts Movement, and I’m proud to announce that I’ve been orchestrating my first event (Soul Session) with them. This soul session will be about tackling different issues of the environment and overall social injustice in our communities. Various performances from singers to dancers to spoken word artists will embody this theme. Also there will be live visual artists drawing/painting up some dope art. I know I have some followers abroad but if you’re in NYC, definitely, check this out. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

Secondly, on April 23rd I will be having a concert titled “Live @ Brian’s Apt.”, viewing on both Facebook and Instagram live. So even my peeps abroad could witness what I know is going to be one of my proudest moments. Brian is my dope cousin and I will be performing in front of a packed, raging crowd in his living room lol. I planned this to be very intimate, as you can tell. I will share most, if not all, of my talents ranging from being an instrumentalist to rapping. I will also bring some dope featured artists. More details on the way 🙂

But as of now… Ladies and Gents, I present… Room in Here:

Album Release: Schwang Season 2

MusicForTheSoul_Schawng Season-2.jpeg

Mike Mitch is back at it again. This time he joins comedian (and co-administrator) of Limitless Inc., Stef Skillz. In Mitch’s last project, Intoxicated Enlightenment, I talked about Mitch’s great sense of songwriting in pushing a story/concept forward. He continues that in this project and adds the comedic touch of Stef Skillz to counter his witty wordplay. Or as Stef says on “Perfect Poetry (Say it)”,

You hit niggas with this fucking elaborate-ass poem with hyperboles sand similes and metaphors and stuff. That’s not you. And then after it, you get about 5-6 text messages oh my God Mike that was so oh, oo i’m so drenched. Bitch shut up. Text ma phone! Fuck Mike… This funny shit is art…matter fact, I’m starting a new campaign it’s called fuck a funny nigga…and if your friend is a lil overweight or on the plus side it’s called fuck a funny fat nigga.


lmao, funny stuff. Through all of the misleading John Cena’s and awesome skits, the comedy served it’s purpose in going head-to-head in interest with the bars. Songs like “Eye-A-Hoe (Paradise)” were drenched in all bars, while Stef gets his time to shine in the hilarious, and relatable, “Story time With Stef (Interlude)”.

I don’t even know which, of either world, to pick as my favorite. But I think “Shoot Your Shot” claims that title for me (both the song and the little comedy skit at the end). The beat was incredible and fit the content very well. Mitch  at the end spits, in my personal opinion, one of the best verses I’ve heard all year from any artist. And the skit at the end had me rollin the most; really brought back some middle school nostalgia there.

I promise you it will not disappoint. Check out Schwang Season 2 on http://www.audiomack.com/album/mike-mitch/schwang-season-2)

And while your at it, support the movement! Get your “Schwang World Order (S.W.O)” T-shirts while you still can at http://www.iaintnomitch.com/#!shop/qwlk3

They even got your boy rockin it… Looking quite handsome, if I may add.





New Songs! “Dark Necessities” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Radiohead and Blink 182 Drop Another One

What a week for rock music it had been! I’ve written about Blink 182 and Radiohead already, but now the Red Hot Chili Peppers release something for their fans to slobber over.

Chili Peppers:


Their album “The Gateway”, coming out June 17th, is their second album without their legendary guitarist John Frusciante (which we, as fans, miss dearly) and featuring new guitarist John Adam Klinghoffer .

This song is pretty good. The bassline, to me, though, sounds a bit too much like “Can’t Stop”. That tends to happen with artist sometimes though. And Flea is still boss. It was reported that he broke his arm in a terrible snowboarding accident, yet they all still managed to finish songs for the album.

What adds a pretty different dynamic is the piano in this song. I barely ever hear piano in the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ music. So the addition of those background piano chords worked pretty well in this song.

Blink 182:


Now, Blink probably dropped the sussest teaser of all time. They released a  vine-lengthy 15 sec clips where Mark Hoppus says

” I wanna see some naked duuuuuuudes, that’s why I built this poooooooool”


I like how it shows that Blink 182’s “immaturity” is still there though. Their playfulness is definitely something I missed from them. Waiting for “California” to be released.



Radiohead is one of those legendary groups that never cease to amaze me. Their experimental approaches like the ones I talked about in “Burn The Witch“, blow my mind.

3 days after releasing Burn the Witch they oddly released “Daydreaming”. The piano, electronic work in the background, and Thom’s voice all add their own dynamic but come together as a hauntingly beautiful song, different from Burn The Witch. Burn the Witch’s violins were upbeat and happy but the song carried a very creepy vibe. There’s something about Daydreaming though that seems relaxing and reflective.

The Music video is pretty interesting. It shows Thom Yorke with a ghost like presence  going through various sceneries, from a random house to a snowy mountain,  all of which intertwine with each other. This video was released in perfect timing considering that their album, “A Moon Shaped Pool” was digitally released yesterday. My ears are definitely on the lookout, not only for this album, but for Blink’s and the Chili Peppers’. Long live rock music.


New Song: “Burn The Witch” By Radiohead



First Blink 182, now Radiohead. Both bands have been MIA for a minute now. The last piece of music we’ve seen from Radiohead was their 2011 release of “The King of Limbs” which gained positive reviews for its experimental approach(ironically that’s nothing short of the usual, coming from these guys).

Now, they’ve released a song titled “Burn The Witch”, uplifting our hopes of a new album. And in true Radiohead fashion they release an awesome video to go along with it. The video is a cartoon, like their famous Paranoid Android video, making you glue your eyes to the screen as you try to look for it’s underlaid meaning. What makes Burn The Witch different is its approach in stop-motion animation, looking like it came straight out of Robot Chicken or Celebrity Deathmatch.

This video seems to emulate the cult-classic “The Wicker Man”. Also, they set the time period of the video in the notorious middle ages, especially in England and the “new world”. Could it possibly be satirising today’s society as well???  Check out the creepy visuals below.


New Song: “Bored To Death” By Blink 182


Blink 182 is back! … Without Tom DeLonge. Seems like any type of reboot from my childhood just doesn’t feel the same anymore *Cries*. Anyways, since Tom was part of many side projects, he and the band thought it was best to part ways *cries even more*. His replacement? Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba.

Many wanted to see how that would work out. How would his voice fit with the rest of the band (considering that he is scheduled to sing)? Well, Mark Hoppus has the lead in “Bored to Death” so I guess well have to wait for their new Album “California” which comes out on July 1, 2016.

This song sounds dope. It opens us with the usual Blink 182 muffled/flanger drums sound intro. Speaking of, Travis Barker (as usual) kills it on the drums, Mark sounds better than ever, and the guitar work doesn’t sound too far off from Blink’s original stuff. One difference in the song is that it sounds a bit like the other pop-punk bands of the 2000’s; like Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Yellowcard, and Sum 41. Yes, they do technically fall under the same genre but I always felt like Blink 182 sounded different form them.

Either way I think the song is awesome. What are your thoughts? You like it ? Hate it? Can’t wait for their new album?  What is life without Tom?  Comment below.

Obsession of the Week: “Powerful”by Major Lazer

I’ve noticed there is always like 1 or 2 songs every week that make me abuse the repeat button. So I figured why not share my recent obsessions with the world. This brings me to my first segment on this blog: “Obsession of the Week”.


Obsession: “Powerful” Major Lazer.

Honorable Mention:  Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t”. I’ve been obsessed with that song for weeks now!.. It could even be next week’s pick, haha.







Major Lazer is awesome. To my recent discovery they usually blend EDM and Dancehall (and a little bit of Hip Hop), a combination that I would’ve never even thought of. But then again how can we forget the memorable “Pon De Floor“. I’m assuming Diplo handles the EDM side of things while Trinidadian Jillionaire and Jamaican Walshy Fire handle the Dancehall aspect. This summer their song “Lean On” was a smash hit. It was played EVERYWHERE. While I do think “Lean On” was the perfect single for their album “Peace is the Mission”, I dont think its the best song on that project.

Placing the turn up aside, their second single “Powerful”, gives an emotional element to their album. Vocalist Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Riley give a heart wrenching performance to match along with the dramatic music video. I don’t know what it is about this song. The cliche “You make me feel invisible” themed love song could very easily come off as cheesy to me but it somehow works so perfect in this song. Gotta give a huge shout out to my boy Baylor (aka DJ Bay B) for putting me on. I was in love with this song ever since I first heard it.