imagesLeave it to Plato to illustrate his views on music so eloquently. Hi, my name is Dilson Hernandez. I am a recent college graduate from the University at Albany, a freelance writer, a freelance musician, and most importantly… I am an addict. Music has been such a vital facet of my life since I first learned to draw breath. As a matter of fact, since first acquiring my nano ipod in 2010, I am quite sure that I have not left a day outside without a pair of headphones screwed onto my ears. Better yet, I don’t think I’ve ever spent a day of my life without being captivated by various elements of music.

“Music for the Soul” covers musical analysis/theses, album reviews, and anything else that comes to mind when addressing music. From Blues to Merengue, from Country to Hip Hop, this blog eliminates the notion of a single-genre reviewer. However it focuses mainly on popular music in the Americas. Analysis is key. Although music, to many people, might just be used to trigger certain emotions, it is important to point out the musical intentions of an artist, or at least a possible interpretation of it. Whether it be poetic styles in the lyrics or whether it be the composition driving the piece forward, the analysis of a song and/or artist is something worth mentioning.

This blog does just that, pays homage to name of art by providing the analysis needed to comprehend the intelligence behind music making. Through my ideas, “Music for the Soul” aspires to preserve Plato’s philosophy by fulfilling the soulfulness and imaginative aspect through analysis and thought-provoking posts. I hope you enjoy this blog-site as much as I do !

Peace and Love 🙂



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